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So, my life has gotten infinitely crazier in the last week.

The major piece of news is I HAS A JOB. A job that is not retail!'s door-to-door salesmanship! Which you could argue isn't that far off, and then I would point to fifteen dollars an hour plus commission what is this madness. I also get benefits. I am still boggling at that.

I also interviewed for an incredibly similar position at a company working with Verizon FiOS. They were very nice but very hardcore about making absolutely sure I wasn't some crazy ass criminal come to invade their office.

Also, I really need to learn to drive, because I have now spent most of the week sitting waiting for a bus of some kind.

Today I filled out paperwork for my new job. You would think that would be simple. You would be wrong. It took five hours, because the towns of Hempstead and Oyster Bay are incredibly hardcore about people selling stuff. I now have a Peddler's License for Hempstead, which makes me feel like a Legend of Zelda character (Peddler offered Heating Policy for 12 Rupees!).

So, essentially, New Job is Eating My Life, But That is Okay Because I HAVE A NEW JOB.

Am gonna see if I can juggle this and Gadgets & Gizmos 'til I'm sure if I want to work for Slomin's Shield, but at the moment prospects look good.

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I want a job that pays me fifteen dollars an hour. Badly. Do you think they will hire me?

I think they'd hire you, since they seem to be taking on anyone with retail sales experience, but I don't think Slomin's is in Ohio D:. But Verizon is, so maybe see if they're hiring? They didn't offer the base pay that Slomin's did, but they have a lot higher commission pay for sales you make.

Can I move to NY, live in your closet until I save up for a hotel room based off my paychecks and work for Slomin's?

Sure, just make sure you're extra-quiet and ignore anything odd and mysterious you may find in my closet :D

Well I do need food. Can I eat in your closet?

Food can be provided :D It may mainly be junk food, though, because I am a hoarder of such things.

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