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I never really realized how freaking time-consuming working full-time is. Though, to be fair, Slomin's is extra time-consuming, since it's not a 9 to 5 job, it's more usually a 12-8 or 10:45 to 6:45. And they schedule you for weekends. And it is so physically tiring.

Still, I'm actually really content with working. Because even though I liked Gadgets and Gizmos, I was only there about 15 hours a week, and the rest of the time I was just slacking. And I would go to bed at night feeling guilty at night for the fact that I wasn't getting anything accomplished. Nowadays, I don't feel guilty for my relaxation time (what little I get) because ohmygod I am so tired.

I also feel good about getting out and doing stuff more lately. I'm still in choir and I'm in a new bowling league. I've been going to the city a decent amount (went to San Gennaro last Saturday, and next weekend is Comic Con!!!). And I've been keeping up a decent amount of correspondence with friends from high school and college.

Also, my 86 year-old grandma went in for knee surgery on Monday. I know that doesn't sound like something to necessarily be happy about, but: by Saturday, she was walking a full 100 yards to go around a park with my dad. My grandma kicks ass.

The only major black cloud lately is, as usual lately, the boyfriend situation. I'm going to call him tonight, because our One Month Seperation Trial ends this week, and I need this sorted out. Either way it ends up, I'll be okay, but I need to know where he stands. And if he's still waffling, then it's over. I am not going to keep waiting for someone who can't muster any stronger feelings than "I might maybe still like you as a girlfriend but I'm not sure".

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Wow, I'm not sure your grandmother needs good thoughts. However, I shall still send them. :)

Your boyfriend is a douche. I hope it all goes well, really, I do whatever the outcome is. If you need someone to talk to, you know where to find me. (Should have my cell too.)

Heee, thanks! She is continuing to kick ass so hopefully the good thoughts will strangthen it.

He broke up with me over the phone earlier tonight, so all's done with him. I cried a bit but I'm okay now, because I know I'll be fine and he is an idiot for many, many reasons. And thank you <3333 I still have your number, so if I need a willing ear, I know where to turn :D

You know you can talk to me any time too =D

You deserve so much better and to be happy. Its good that you're able to move on and realize it wasn't your fault :)

Aww, thanksssss <33333 (Also, I didn't know you still used your LJ! Now I feel bad for not checking it for updates in ages D:) And I know if I'm ever in a bad spot, I can talk to you, just like you can always call me if you're ever having a rough time, too. :3

Hahaha I haven't posted anything on my LJ in forever, but I still follow a bunch of communities so I check my flist every day(ish lol)

Ahhhh that makes sense, lol <3

I will send many good thoughts then. More than I can count! :D

-___- Who breaks up with someone OVER THE PHONE? Okay, I'll admit at east it wasn't a text or a post-it note or something. But I'm old fashioned and think breaking up should be face-to-face so the person has the opportunity at least to throw their drink on them, flip them off as they walk away, or roll their eyes that the trite words they use like "I hope we can still be friends" and be seen. But still, you're totally better off without him and I hope you know that. *hugs*

Aww, thanks!!!

To be fair, I wanted to do it on the phone and told him so, because I didn't want to go all the way to his house to be like "We're breaking up" "Oh okay" and then go right back home. (Though, throwing something would have been fun) And thanks so much for the support. *hugs back* I do think I'm gonna be better off without all the relationship crap we'd been going through these last two months, so it'll all work out.

That reasoning makes sense, but I still feel you should have had the chance to really let out some emotion physically you know?

Now taking a break for yourself, and then find someone 10 times better and be happy. :D

That's true. And now that the shock's worn off I'm starting to wish I'd said more or done more, because I've gone from being sad to being mad about everything.

Thanks <333 I am definitely going to do the first thing, and hopefully the second will arrive :D

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