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It's been four days since Peter dumped me and I'm mad at him. Once the shock wore off, I think the dam burst and all of my hurt and anger appeared. And, sad to say, I am focusing on this a lot more than I should.

I'm pissed. He dumped me for reasons he won't share -- "personal revelations" or whatnot that he refused to tell me, choosing to act mysterious. And while I admit that figuring things out via phone was something I wanted, I would have liked more than a two minute conversation. Literally, his end of the conversation was like, "'s over. Sorry about all this." Two years together, and that was all he could muster. I asked him some questions after ("And you still don't know why you feel like we should break up?" "....yeah." "And you don't know what made you start feeling like this?" "...yeah.") but he could barely bother to respond.

Lately I've been going over every flaw of his in my head, because I'm just that petty. And honestly, it feels good. People have suggested writing them down and burning the list, which I think I may do.

God, this whole thing is making me such a stereotypical ex, but I don't care. I saw that people on Facebook were calling him out on how he's such a negative, whiny person and it made me feel triumphant. I wouldn't be shocked if his constant negativity was part of what led to this.

Whatever. He's gonna regret this sooner than I will. I'm okay with moving forward and being single. But him? He's not gonna find another girlfriend anytime soon, not when all he does is play video games at home and wonder why he has no job (hint: because he has barely any work experience and doesn't want to work retail, in an office, or any place involving manual labor). I'm gonna be fine. He's the asshole. If he wants to be alone, congrats, he can be all alone.

I just wish I could stop lingering over this.

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*hugs hard* Break ups are always tough. Now the question is:

Are you SURE you don't want me to kick his butt?

xD I won't stop you if you want to go for it >D

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