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I think I'm gonna try and do NaNoWriMo this year. God help me. I really must be insane. (But I have a good idea this time! Really!)

Am honest-to-God happy with how life has been unfolding these last several weeks (minus, you know, the breakup). One of the things I worried about happening when I graduated and started working full-time was that I would stop going out and doing stuff and seeing my friends. To my genuine surprise, I actually seem to have more of a social life now that in college (I blame all those art projects >.>). Thursday, me and Kiera are hitting up some photo galleries, Friday I'm going to a church friend's wedding, and Saturday I'm going for sushi and a movie with Erika and Alison.

And then next week: ROCKY HORROR MIDNIGHT SHOWING. Yeah, I'm excited.

Unfortunately, I am still mulling over the breakup still and get really inordinately angry over it. (I don't anger too easily, but Goddddd can I hold a grudge. I'm an Irish girl, that combo made it inevitable.) Am trying to assuage my anger with the fact that my ex appears to have not gone out with friends to do anything fun in like six weeks, and basically has spent all of his time making Facebook statuses about video games that no one replies to.

I need to draw more. I've been putting that off for so long. Maybe tomorrow morning I'll get some done...

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I am glad you have a social life. And I'm sorry you're having trouble with the breakup. Just remember: it's his loss.

I know it is. And honestly, I'm more mad than anything right now, but dumb stuff keeps reminding me of what happened and stirring up everything.

A mutual friend wrote as his Facebook status "How do you know when you've found true love?" and he responded with "When you reach the point where don't even question it". And I just. Wanted. To throttle him and his stupid meebly wishy-washiness and his constant doubt about everything.

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