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sad little doll
Hello there, Livejournal. Sorry I keep abandoning you :<

So, the big event of my week was: Mom and I got into a car crash last Wednesday. It was about as fun as you'd imagine.

Basically, Mom was driving me to work and as we were driving through an intersection, a guy coming the opposite way tried to do a left turn in front of us. We weren't going very fast, so Mom tried to swerve out of the way, but the guy didn't even see us and kept going (I remember watching and thinking 'oh my god we're gonna hit him and having a flashback to driver's ed), and our front crashed into his passenger side.

(Thing I did not know until then: airbags reek.)

Sorta-luckily, there was a plainclothes cop right there who took charge of the situation (which was good, because me and Mom were both in shock). Mom had me call 911 and then call my uncle (a cop) to come get us because our ride was now gone. I felt really bad for her because she kept crying all throughout, even though the accident wasn't her fault.

Our car got totalled with the front getting crumpled (sorta-luckily, Mom was driving my brother's car, which already very old and not very valuable), while the other dude's car got smashed, with shattered glass from the windows all over the street.

The craziest part was that this all happened about three blocks from where I work, so two coworkers stopped to ask what had happened, and I got texts from two more. And when I went back to work later that week, it turned out everyone saw it.

Uncle Ronnie drove us to the hospital and me and Mom went to the ER; Mom had banged up her foot and her knee while my chest was in agony from slamming into the seat belt (I had never heard of a 'seatbelt tattoo' before, but boy did I have one). Mom was given an orthopedic shoe to walk in because her toes got scraped up, and I got a presciption for pain medication (its been working beautifully but my chest still acts up if I hiccup or sneeze).

So yeah. The good thing was that no one got hurt, but it was still scary as fuck. Luckily, Mom's foot is okay now and my chest is miles better than it was. And we don't think the other guy is going to sue us (though Dad, ever the lawyer, took tons of pictures in case he does).

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Thanks <3 Luckily for us, it was an accident where the injuries were all minor and everyone walked out okay, and insurance is going to cover most of it (even our lost wages).

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