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Just for fun
Am doing the iPod shuffle meme. Am putting my iPod on random and putting down the first line of the next 25 songs that pop up. No repeated artists, though. Let's see who can guess them :3

1. Stop stalling, make a name for yourself / Boy, you better put that pen to paper and charm your way out

2. Coin-operated boy, sitting on a shelf, he is just a toy / But I turn him on, and he comes to life, automatic joy

3. Don't breathe too deep, don't think all day / Dive into work, drive the other way

4. Picture yourself in a boat on a river / With tangerine trees and marmalade skies...

5. I had him! His throat was bare beneath my hands! No, I had him! His throat was there and he'll never come again...

6. Down once more to the dungeon of my black despair, down we plunge to the prison of my mind!

7. Hey kids, shake it loose together / The spotlight's hitting something that's been known to change the weather

8. Do you still walk the streets at night, with that wanderlust you fight? Back to the corner where we went our seperate ways?

9. She's going out to forget they were together / All that time, he was taking her for granted

10. Some folks like to get away, take a holiday from the neighborhood / Hop a flight to Miami Beach or to Hollywood

11. You belong to the gang, and you say you can't break away / But I'm here with my hands on my heart

12. I found a letter that said "I'm sorry that you were asleep when I wrote these words down / You'd think I ought to be used to that by now"

13. I wanna hold them like they do in Texas, please / Fold 'em, let 'em hit me, raise it baby, stay with me

14. I'm gonna fight 'em off / A seven-nation army couldn't hold me back / They're gonna rip it off / Takin' their time right behind my back

15. I found the cure to growing older / And you're the only place that feels like home / Just so you know, you'll never know / But some secrets were meant to be told

16. Help me if you can / It's just that this is not the way I'm wired, so could you please / Help me understand / You've given into all these reckless, dumb desires

17. Coming out of my cage, and I've been doing just fine / Gotta gotta be down because I want it all / It started out with a kiss, how did it end up like this? / It was only a kiss, it was only a kiss

18. She was more like beauty queen from a movie scene / I said don't mind, but what do you mean I am the one?

19. I am a little bit of loneliness, a little bit of disregard / Handful of complaints but I can’t help the fact that everyone can see these scars

20. I'm the son of rage and love, the Jesus of suburbia / The Bible of none of the above

21. Tommy used to work on the docks / Union's been on strike / He's down on his luck, it's tough

22. There are few who deny, at what I do I am the best / For my talents I'm renowned far and wide

23. So if you're lonely, you know I'm here waiting for you / I'm just a cross-hair, I'm just a shot away from you

24. Drugs, give me drugs, give me drugs, I don't need 'em / But I'll sell what you got / Take the cash and I'll keep it

25. Out from the night, from the mist, steps a figure / No one really knows his name for sure / He stands at six-foot-six, head and shoulder / Pray he never comes knocking at your door

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1. Something by Panic at the Disco
4. Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds by the Beatles
5. Epiphany from Sweeney Todd
13. Poker Face by Lady Gaga
14. Seven Nation Army by the White Stripes
15. I Slept With Someone From Fall Out Boy And All I Got Was This Lousy Song Written About Me by Fall Out Boy
17. Mr. Brightside by the Killer
19. Faint by Linkin Park
25. Repo Man from Repo! the Genetic Opera

1. London Beckoned Songs About Money Written By Machines by Panic! at the Disco
9. I don't want to be in love by Good Charlotte
13. Poker Face by Lady Gaga (or like me, you might have the Daughtry cover)
15. I Slept With Someone From Fall Out Boy And All I Got Was This Lousy Song Written About Me by Fall Out Boy
17. Mr. Brightside by the Killer
19. Faint by Linkin Park
21. Living on a Prayer by Bon Jovi ♥ ♥

18. Billy-Jean by Michael Jackson

20. Jesus of Suburbia by Green Day

2) Coin-Operated Boy ~ The Dresden Dolls
3) What You Own ~ RENT
10) New York State of Mind ~ Billy Joel
18) Billie Jean ~ Michael Jackson
21) Livin' On A Prayer ~ Bon Jovi?
23) This Fire ~ Franz Ferdinand
24) Na Na Na(Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na) ~ My Chemical Romance ^_~

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