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WTF is with Plurk? It keeps redirecting me to a site called

Today could be called Adventures in Hurting Myself. To start:

1) I tried using an Oxy pad on my face for the first time in, like, two years. And kind of overdid it on two sections of my face, so now I have two gigantic scabs on my left cheek and my chin. I've been feeling a wee bit like the Phantom of the Opera. ("Don't look at half of my face! DONT LOOK AT HALF OF MY FAAAAACE!")

2) Before work today, I bought liquid foundation for covering my hideous scabs from the fragile psyches of the customers. Unfortunately, my scabs were open scabs, and this being liquid concealer, I spent several long seconds cursing into a bathroom mirror. STINGINGSTINGINGOWOWOWOWFUCK!

3) At work, a group of kids managed to topple one of these bad boys off the shelf, and it seriously shattered everywhere. And of course, Gadgets and Gizmos is completely ill-stocked, meaning we had no: 1) brooms, 2) dustpans, 3) vacuums, or 4) band-aids for when I inevitably managed to slice my finger. And apparent G&G policy is "no running for bandaids unless you're on break". Lord help us all.

Also managed to hit my knee with my ball during bowling. I AM A GENIUS, YOU GUYS.


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